Video RevealsTriangular-Shaped UFO ‘Taking Energy’ From A Lightning Bolt.

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an image of a “triangular-shaped UFO” spotted within a lightning bolt over the Czech Republic in Central Europe.

The footage shows the alleged UFO following the lightning bolt with great ease, reports the Indian news website The TeCake. Conspiracy theorists are claiming that no manmade aircraft can pull off such a feat of technology, which suggests that the object must be of alien origin.

Youtuber ‘Secoreteam10’ that constantly posts about alien findings and UFO sightings has also uploaded a video of the mysterious sighting where one can clearly see that a triangular shaped object is flying through the lightning. The Youtuber claims that either the alien spacecraft was using the light as its path or it came near lightning bolt to harvest the energy using the advanced techniques. Conspiracy theorists believe that the alien creatures are very advanced when compared to humans and have also decoded how to access massive energy stored in the lightning bolt.


“Today we have an amazing new capture. Yet another one of these objects either struck by, caught within or siphoning energy from another one of these lightning bolts snapped just at the right time as it was coming down over the Czech Republic,” Glockner said in the video.

mysterious triangular-shaped spacecraft travelling through the bolt of lightning. The alleged alien spacecraft is following the path of lighting with ease. Conspiracy theorists say that it cannot be human spacecraft as the object travelled through lightning and only extraterrestrial life source could have made such spacecraft.

Soon after uploading the video, it went viral on the social media and received thousands of likes and shares. The video received over 225,000 views on Youtube in less than 24 hours. In the video, the uploader has paused the video and zoomed the image to make it easy for viewers to see the mysterious object. He has also enhanced the image to increase the visibility of the UFO.

Ufologists claim that it was during showers and thunderstorms and there is a high probability to track UFOs. Previously, experts have repeatedly argued that the alien ships are recharged from lightning energy, and therefore often fly in the sky in the rain.

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